Spotlight — The Terraformers

Today the Book Ninjas are spotlighting The Terraformers by George Willson!

Blake, Perry, and Michelle emerge from the elevator onto the deck of terraforming colony ship, The Mirificus, which they had heard of from previous adventures. They quickly meet Lieutenant Long, whose name they knew from a log they had read, but when they tell him the ship is off course, they learn that he already knows. The problem is that the ship’s navigational systems are giving the wrong position, and the diagnostics are not indicating the correct state of the ship’s damaged systems.

They discover that a criminal had found his way on board and heavily sabotaged the ship forcing it off course with little hope of it ever reaching its planet. However, when the criminal learns that the ship is close enough to a world that can help them, he sets the contingency phase of his plan into motion to permanently cripple the ship and make it impossible for it to reach anywhere.

Damaged beyond repair, the ship nears its final destination, and the trio finds themselves manning the crippled ship as it enters the planet’s atmosphere as they had anticipated. The Terraformers rounds out the trilogy that began with City of Phase and continued with False Invasion, and after this, anything can happen.

Questions From the Ninjas

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“I’m pretty savvy with most systems, but whatever he did here suited him,” Blake said. “I can’t make heads or tails of it, and I would be afraid to make a guess. Chances are he planned for that.”

“It’s counting down, and almost done by the looks of it,” Perry said.

“Counting down to what though?” Michelle asked. “Just shutting off the shield like Lucinda guessed?”

Blake pulled out his scanner and looked it over. His face darkened as something else appeared to be within the panel’s construction. It was not a typical building material, so he changed the scanner to analyze the components. It only took a second for him to realize what it was, and what one of those countdowns was for.

“We have to get out of here,” Blake said quickly.

“What?” Long asked. “Why?”

“Those countdowns all show we have maybe two minutes before it does what it does,” Blake said walking to the door. “One of them is going to set off an explosive inside the panel.”

“Then we need to defuse it,” Long said.

“We don’t have time,” Blake said. “Get your people out of this section. Where is the closest section seal?”

“A hundred feet down the hall,” Long said.

“Then let’s get there before this goes off,” Blake said. He turned to Perry and Michelle. “Run!”

Long pressed the section alarm which sent an evacuation alert for that area. A few people emerged from some doors between the shield room and the section break Long had indicated. Long commanded his people to get out, and he followed them with the three travelers close at hand. They crossed the threshold of the section division, and he paused a moment to allow a couple of stragglers to pass through. Blake looked at his scanner.

“Ten seconds until the first countdown hits zero,” Blake said.

Long pressed the section seal door, and it lowered. A small window afforded a view into the portion they just evacuated.

“Warner to Long,” the Captain’s voice rang out over the speaker near them. “What’s going on?”

“We believe our intruder set explosives on deck twelve, section one to destroy the shield controls after deactivating the navigation shields,” Long explained. “I’ve evacuated the section and set the alarm to also clear the decks above and below the blast point. Primarily precautionary at this point due to the existence of countdown timers as well as combustible material at the site.”

“Jerrick to Long,” Lucinda’s voice suddenly came on. “We’re getting diagnostics online, and forward navigational shields just went down.”

“How long till we know if there are expl-” the Captain began, but he was cut off by an explosion that rocked the ship and knocked everyone off their feet. A fireball rushed toward the closed door covering the window before it blew out into space. Red lights flashed along the hallway, and alarms sounded.


About the Author

George Willson was born in 1975 and has lived in Oklahoma the majority of his life where he pays the bills by programming stuff. He has seen every episode of Doctor Who from 1963 to the present and enjoys both Star Wars and Star Trek along with Lord of the Rings, the Simpsons, Stephen King and Dean Koontz. He can be regularly found playing something on the Xbox as Dr Geek 3 in complete deference to his apparent age as video games are simply a way of life (when he should be writing). He regularly annoys his wife by practicing piano and guitar and enjoys composing music along with the handful of books he has somehow found time to write. Music being one of his biggest passions, he is very active in his church's worship team and also directs the Broken Arrow Community Orchestra. He currently lives in Broken Arrow, Ok with his wife and three princesses.

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