Spotlight — Sherlock Holmes Investigates – A Quintet of Singular Mysteries

Today the Book Ninjas are spotlighting Sherlock Holmes Investigates - A Quintet of Singular Mysteries by Andrew Salmon!

Andrew Salmon's first Sherlock Holmes tale, The Adventure of the Locked Room, was a hit right out of the gate, winning an award for Best Short Story the year it was published. Salmon followed up this success by garnering rave reviews, numerous award nominations and a second win for Best Short Story for his Holmes adventures before breaking new ground with the best selling Fight Card Sherlock Holmes trilogy.

Now, for the first time, ALL FIVE of his award-winning and nominated Holmes tales have been collected in SHERLOCK HOLMES INVESTIGATES!

What happened to the tenant in 221B Baker Street before Holmes and Watson moved in? Mystery and murder cast long shadows over idyllic Towne Manor - what will Holmes and Watson discover there? A daring assassination attempt has left Holmes close to death and it's up to Dr. Watson and Mycroft Holmes to bring the villain to justice. Is there a werewolf loose in Limehouse or is something much more sinister killing policemen? Who is pulling off daring raids at Portsmouth and disappearing without a trace?

These mysteries and more await!

- Featuring a wraparound cover by award-winning artist Mike Fyles!
- Exclusive interviews with the author and artist!
- Behind the scenes essays for each of the five tales!

There's the hansom now. Hurry! The game's afoot!

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I seized the knob and flung the door inwards.

Sprawled unmoving upon the floor, face down, one arm outstretched in a small pool of blood was my intimate friend.

“Sherlock!” I cried and sprang to kneel beside the still form.

I eased him onto his back and ascertained his condition. There was still life within him. His breathing was erratic. His eyelids fluttered open.

“You are better suited to a solitary road than I, dear Watson,” he croaked in a voice barely audible. “God protect you.”

With that he lay still.

My heart froze in my chest. “You've only just returned to us,” said I as I lifted his gangling form off the floor. “You'll not be taken away again if I have any say in the matter!”

Placing the languid form on the bed, I whipped off my coat and rolled my cuffs. Taking up the stilled hand I sought the pulse at the wrist. A short time passed as I stilled my palpitating breathing and allowed my vision to clear. Holmes needed a doctor more now than a friend and I marshalled my resolve. I took the rhythm of his heart. Unsteady.

“I knew he was ill, but could not pinpoint the source” said Mycroft at my side.

My bag was beside me. Mycroft must have fetched it though I was unaware he'd left the room. I plunged a hand inside and withdrew the stethoscope and placed the diaphragm against Holmes's chest, listening intently.

“Obvious dyspnoea. Inspiratory and expiratory crackles,” said I. I sounded his chest with two fingers and did not like the results. Holmes was bathed in sweat, he had coughed up blood. “Pulmonary oedema likely. Desperate danger of respiratory failure! He'll die without tracheal intubation. We've not a moment to lose!”


About the Author

The award winning Andrew Salmon is the author of the best selling Fight Card Sherlock Holmes trilogy -- Work Capitol, Blood To The Bone and A Congression of Pallbearers - collected with bonus material in QUEENSBERRY JUSTICE from Timepiece Press. The Dark Land, Ghost Squad: Rise of the Black Legion (with Ron Fortier) and Wandering Webber are his current book releases. His novel, The Light of Men, was added to the Holocaust Memorial Museum Library. His work has appeared in more than a dozen anthologies. He lives and writes in Vancouver, BC.

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