Spotlight — Predictable Violence

Today the Book Ninjas are spotlighting Predictable Violence by Gillean Campbell!

The plot of Predictable Violence is intelligent and full of twists, with a reveal of whodunit that will shock. The story explores several universal themes that readers can connect to - death and loss, regret, and hatred that only harms the hater.

Mackenzie Anderson's husband and two-year old daughter were shot and killed when Mack was only nineteen years old. When the police stopped trying to find the murderer, Mack began working with a private investigator. But, the murderer was a ghost. Mack had no way of knowing then that in a fluke of life she would come face-to-face with the murderer six years later. Now, she must decide if she will risk everything for vengeance.

As a homicide detective with the Idaho State Police, Mack lives her life being a champion for the dead. Assigned as the lead investigator of a triple homicide that occurred in the picturesque,small Idaho town of Skaus Lake, Mack befriends Susan, a teenage girl who is the daughter and sister of two of the homicide victims. Three weeks into the investigation, a man strolls into the police department and confesses to the homicides. But, something about the case continues to nag at Mack.

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The light shining in Greg Brown’s eyes was so bright that it burned his retinae. He was very confused. Was he asleep or awake? Brown was sure he was awake and that this was not a dream. But, where was he? As Brown tried to look around, he realized that he was naked. He was lying on the carpeted floor in a room, looking up at the ceiling. Brown couldn’t blink his eyes or turn his head. And, he was dizzy and tired. So very tired.

Mentally attempting to shake the cobwebs out of his mind, Brown tried to remember what had happened to him. The answer was right there, but he couldn’t quite bring it into focus. And there was pain, so much pain. It was getting harder and harder to breathe. Sweat trickled down Brown’s forehead and into his blonde hair. Brown tried to yell for help, but he couldn’t open his mouth. He couldn’t move his arms and legs either.

Just then another person walked into Brown’s sightline. That person stood looking down him. Brown tried to ask for help, but the muscles in his mouth wouldn’t form the words.

Finally, the person standing above him said, “Are you in pain?... How does it feel?... I hope it hurts like nothing you’ve ever felt before, you disgusting excuse for a human being.” The person smirked. “The pain’s going to get worse, too. Then, you’re going to slowly suffocate to death… And, I’m going to stand right here until you take your last breath.”

Brown’s eyes showed confusion. Who… who is that? he thought.

“Focus. I want you to remember who I am and what you did.” The person knelt by Brown and slapped him across the face. “Think… Think really hard… Come on, concentrate… Do you remember now?”

Brown fought through the haze in his brain. He concentrated on the face of the person over him. And… finally, it all came flooding back. First recognition, and then fear, showed in the dying man’s eyes.

“Good… I want you to know that you died for what you did and that I’m the one who killed you.”


About the Author

Gillean's mysteries feature strong females, chilling perpetrators, psychological twists, and a little bit of romance.

Even as a small child Gillean was a storyteller. In grade school, classmates would follow her around the school yard as she role played a new story that had come to her. When Gillean’s children were grown and she retired, stories started coming unbidden to her. Her problem now is that she can’t get the characters to go to sleep at night.

Gillean was born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She worked for the military for twenty-five years, while raising two children as a single mother. After retiring, Gillean moved back to Santa Fe where she lives with her four-legged best friend. When not writing mysteries, Gillean is reading them. She also enjoys fly fishing and camping in the mountains of New Mexico and Colorado.

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