Spotlight — Just Because of You

Today the Book Ninjas are spotlighting Just Because of You by Isla Chiu!

Hilarie Walsh just wants to lay low during her senior year after being branded the class tramp by her loathsome ex. Unfortunately for her, she doesn't escape the notice of the new kid Eric Lawington, the arrogant but incredibly sexy son of a billionaire who makes the rich heirs and heiresses at her school look middle-class in comparison. At first, she wants nothing to do with him, but Eric is nothing if not persistent and evident sparks fly between them.

However, jealousy, the past, and a drama-making twin with a history of wrecking his sibling's happiness threaten their relationship...

***A 70,000+ word new adult/young adult novel featuring an alpha male, some insta-love, and some sexy times!***

Questions From the Ninjas

People wonder if we ninjas are hiding a blush under our masks—something we 100% deny! But it makes us curious--what as an author is the most blush-worthy thing that's ever happened to you?

One time in fourth grade, I was trying to hit a fly and ended up hitting my teacher's butt instead. Awkwwwward.


Hilarie took one, then two deep breaths as she looked up at the tall iron gate. She gritted her teeth at the ivy covering the iron rods when the breaths did nothing to slow down her racing pulse. Chill out. You’re just going to school, she thought. But she looked longingly behind her at the church and McDonald’s across the street, tempted to run into one of the buildings. She wasn’t a religious person by any means, but confessing her sins to a judgmental priest sounded more appealing than being among her peers. Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. Daily, I fantasize about killing my worthless ex. Usually with a machete, always in excessively painful detail. And she could always go for a Big Mac.

After letting out a third breath, she forced herself to walk through the gate. She stiffened, bracing herself for condoms to hit her back. Fortunately, no objects were thrown at her as she walked between the ridiculously large and well-groomed lawns—seriously, not one blade of brown grass lay in the acres of green—but she did hear a redhead not-so-quietly whisper, “There goes the slut,” to her friend. Before June, Hilarie might have said something to her, but after how much the summer had sucked out of her, she was too tired to do anything except walk past her.

In the center of all the lawns lay a huge, extravagant fountain; the Nine Muses stood in a circle, all of them holding jugs that spouted streams of crystal-clear water. Hilarie glanced at her watch; she had 20 minutes till she had to get to class. Hoping the sound of the water would drown out later whispers of catty girls (and there were bound to be later ones), she sat down on the edge of the fountain and checked her flip-phone for messages.

Will b there soon, Hil baby! Jessica had texted.

You better, Hilarie thought. Jessica had been the one to suggest meeting up before school started. Otherwise, Hilarie would’ve still been in bed, wrapped in her comforter and dread of the slut-shaming she would have to endure. If Jessica was late, Hilarie was so going to kill her.


She ignored the male voice, playing Tetris on her phone, till she felt someone tug at the straps of her backpack.

“Jesus!” she exclaimed, her phone flying out of her hand. Luckily, she caught it before it could go into the water. She turned, ready to drop a lecture about respecting girls’ boundaries on the guy, but had her breath taken away. The boy was beautiful: sleek, dark brown hair fashioned in an obviously expensive haircut; skin that seemed to have never known a zit or blemish; dazzling green eyes with flecks of gold; and full, pillow-like lips. He had to be a new student because she definitely would’ve recognized that face.

He smirked. “Like what you see?”


About the Author

My creative writing professor gave me license to call myself a writer. So I’m a writer (though I procrastinate more than I write).

I hail from Cleveland, aka the best freaking city in the world, and believe LeBron James is the perfect human being. Despite all of my efforts, I have never truly been able to quit caffeine. My problematic favorites include Taylor Swift and Gone with the Wind. I love to hate/hate to love k-dramas. If I say I’m on a diet, I’m just lying to you and myself. One of these days, I'm going to get hypertension from an excess of salt, both literal and figurative. If I'm awkward around you, I probably don't know what to say to you and/or I think you're hot. And despite what anyone says, Forrest Gump so deserved that Oscar over Pulp Fiction.

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