Spotlight — Interviewing Immortality

Today the Book Ninjas are spotlighting Interviewing Immortality by Bill Conrad!

James Kimble, a published author, is spending his Saturday afternoon at a book signing. Towards the end of the day, a striking woman walks up to him, stares menacingly into his soul, and announces, “You will do.” Without another word, she walks away. James is stunned by the unexpected encounter, yet has no idea how very much his life is about to change.

After the book signing, as James walks back to his car, he suddenly finds himself kidnapped by none other than this overpowering woman, who calls herself Grace. He comes to understand that this callous event serves as his introduction into the unscrupulous life of his captor. James has been targeted to pen a harrowing account of this astounding woman’s preternatural past. In unraveling the layers of her destructive life, James is compelled to confront his own life choices.

Questions From the Ninjas

People wonder if we ninjas are hiding a blush under our masks—something we 100% deny! But it makes us curious--what as an author is the most blush-worthy thing that's ever happened to you?

I was on my honeymoon and our bus trip took us to a rest stop in Italy. The bathroom was under construction and if I wanted to use the urinal, it had to be in front of everybody that had been on the bus. When you got to go, you got to go.

Ninjas must train in all sorts of things--one of us (who will go unnamed) is even a ninja at decorating cakes. What's your secret ninja skill?

When I'm really upset, I can crack my jaw. Few people have personally witnessed this act. Those who have, wish they hadn't.

Do you have any ninja writing tricks you can share with our readers?

This may not be a ninja trick, but wine helps you get into the writing mood when you are really upset.


Looking back on my life objectively, it was working out beyond my expectations. My divorce was finalized (again), and the third major book of my Grime series had just been published. Best Buy had just given me a fifty-cent-per-hour pay raise, my divorce attorney had gotten his last payment, and with luck, I would meet a seductive fan at my book signing.

Those were my upbeat thoughts as I steered my barely running, beat-up blue Toyota Corolla toward my future on that chilly Saturday morning. I had no idea what was about to happen to me. I had no idea that people like her were even possible. I had no idea how very much my life was about to change.

The bookstore was in a rundown 1950s mall in Sandy, a small town outside my hometown of Portland, Oregon. The description my iPhone gave me for Island Books was “the best bookshop in Sandy.” It turned out to be the only bookstore in Sandy, and it needed major fumigation. The shop was typical of the bookstores where I’d been peddling books on weekends. This was by far the smallest bookstore I had been to, but admittedly, it did have a cozy feel. It even had an old-fashioned mechanical cash register that made a “ding” sound when the keys were pressed.


About the Author

It has been a great long-term goal for me to become an author. My plan was to write vast novels when I retired, but fate intervened in the form of being laid off. I began working part time for a company and decided to write in-between work. This prospect has become a real adventure with many unexpected twists. My first book, Interviewing Immortality was just Released on Amazon. I am really excited about this book and the reception this book will receive. I have three more books that are in the process of being edited and made ready for publication. I expect them to start appearing on Amazon in the next six months.

I graduated college at WPI in Worcester, MA and received a degree in Electrical Engineering. I was born in San Diego, California, in 1969. I still live in San Diego without plans to move, and I am happily married and have one daughter.

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