Spotlight — Blind Prophet, Episode 4: The Great Demon Of Pride

Today the Book Ninjas are spotlighting Blind Prophet, Episode 4: The Great Demon Of Pride by Joseph Cillo, Jr.!

Daniel Prophet, a boy born blind and autistic, rejected by his father as defective, underwent an experimental procedure in Episode 1 that has given him vision into the spiritual realm, where demons tempt and angels defend.

In Episode 4, something is decidedly rotten in Washington, DC, as our hero performs for the president and discovers he is under the influence of the Great Demon Of Pride, who is plotting mayhem, civil war, and, ultimately, the destruction of the United States.

Welcome, once again, to "Blind Prophet!"

Questions From the Ninjas

People wonder if we ninjas are hiding a blush under our masks—something we 100% deny! But it makes us curious--what as an author is the most blush-worthy thing that's ever happened to you?

Oh, now, really! A gentleman never tells...

Ninjas must train in all sorts of things--one of us (who will go unnamed) is even a ninja at decorating cakes. What's your secret ninja skill?

I chant psalms...

Do you have any ninja writing tricks you can share with our readers?

Use an outline. I mentioned this to a group of fellow writers and they reacted as if I were showing a cross to a vampire. Most artists draw sketches before they start slapping paint on the canvas. Most artists don't try to perfect the upper left corner of the canvas before moving on to the next section. I would hate to have written a lot of great stuff that I have to throw away later because it doesn't fit.


Are you ready for the Blind Prophet, Episode 4?

No, really, seriously? Are you ready?

Because this is the Episode that FREAKS PEOPLE OUT!

And that freak-out is what we call...
The Blind Prophet Experience!

So, what is the Blind Prophet experience?

Blind Prophet is a graphic novel published in 7 episodes that spooks people. And Episode 4, well that's the episode that does it. Readers ask, Could this be real?

Reviews have said things like:

"It most certainly does not pull any punches..."
"In all honestly this book really shook me up..."
"...this book is scary because it could happen."

So what is it about Blind Prophet, Episode 4: The Great Demon Of Pride that unnerves people?

Well, we just don't want to spoil it for you, but if you were a demon, and you were tempting a president, well, you might go big, now wouldn't you?
Oh, but demons don't tempt presidents! Or, do they?

Seriously, don't read Episode 4 if you don't want to consider the possibility that a president might be tempted to do horrible things...

But, if that's not a problem for you, get the experience! Jump in on Episode 4, as the story gets mind-bending!

But we want you to get the whole story, so...

As part of the Launch Of Blind Prophet, Episode 4: The Great Demon Of Pride, we are making the first four episodes free for two days. So, you can get:

Blind Prophet, Episode 1: A Prophet Is Born
Blind Prophet, Episode 2: Spiritual Warfare
Blind Prophet, Episode 3: The Prophet Goes To Washington
Blind Prophet, Episode 4: The Great Demon Of Pride

All for the low, low price of FREE!


About the Author

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Joseph Cillo, Jr. is the writer and creator of Blind Prophet comic books and graphic novels. He has been inspired to write screenplays and graphic novels with an underlying religious and moral viewpoint, along the lines of some of the twentieth century masters like Graham Greene, C.S. Lewis, G. K. Chesterton, and J.R.R. Tolkien. Screenplay titles currently to his credit are: “Carlton St. Michael in the Afterlife,” a comedy; “When the Wood is Dry,” a drama / crime drama, and “Blind Prophet,” a science fiction/fantasy. He is busy at work at this time converting the screenplay for "When The Wood Is Dry" into a full length novel, which should be released sometime in 2017 on the Kindle platform.

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