‘Would Of’ Makes Me Want To Cut My…

Black Ninja here.  Don’t ever write “would of.”  Just don’t.  I can’t imagine a situation where “would of” would ever be correct, and I have an amazing Ninja imagination.  Actually, my keen Ninja intellect just thought of one sentence where you can say it:

“Don’t ever write ‘would of.'”

There, that’s it.

So why do so many people use this expression?  You might say that it’s because “would of” and “would’ve” sound similar, but I think it’s because they’re not Ninjas.

So what is correct?  As alluded (ooh big word) to above, “would’ve” is how it’s spelled.  A contraction for “would have.”  As in “I would’ve known how to write ‘would’ve’ if I were a Ninja.”  Well, you don’t actually have to be a Ninja, you just have to listen to them.