What Are the Book Ninjas All About?

Readers everywhere want to know…is this my kind of romance?  Some like it hot, and some like it sweet, and a cover can only convey so much!  The Book Ninjas take guessing out of the equation, and allow you to choose the blush rating that’s right for you.

Lily Black is a romance reader and writer (you can find her books and info here) who had the same desire–to pick romance books that really fit her reading preferences. Wise and sympathetic mate that he is, her husband threw his mad technical skills behind her dream. For this he trained ninja tech minions to parse books and analyze their content. After years and years of work, one move, two career shifts, and hundreds of books tested (and tested and tested and tested and …), the ninjas are finally satisfied and ready to share the results with you! Click the link below to be taken straight to the catalog. 😀

The Book Ninjas’ Blush-O-Meter!!!

A bit bare bones? Yeah, consider this the beta version, which still needs some polishing. Thankfully, we’ve got the basics working, though! Slicing and dicing behind the scenes, the Book Ninjas use their finely-tuned capacity to pick out scenes, language, and other blush-worthy content and evaluate the blush level for each book.  This allows you, the reader, to choose from hundreds of books and select the genre and blush level you want.

  • Enjoy romance…but like YA, NA and Chick Lit, too? We’ve got those as well!
  • Love what you see, but wish we offered the blush rating for a particular book? Make a request using the contact form, and we’ll work to get your choice into the catalog!
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  • (Coming Soon) Got a favorite author, and want to know what books have her kind of heat level? Search the catalog, and find her book’s comparables!

Check back regularly, as more books are uploaded regularly, and thank you so much for helping us build an awesome catalog! The Book Ninjas appreciate your participation!

Let the Book Ninjas blush, so you don’t have to!