‘Would Of’ Makes Me Want To Cut My…

Black Ninja here.  Don’t ever write “would of.”  Just don’t.  I can’t imagine a situation where “would of” would ever be correct, and I have an amazing Ninja imagination.  Actually, my keen Ninja intellect just thought of one sentence where you can say it:

“Don’t ever write ‘would of.'”

There, that’s it.

So why do so many people use this expression?  You might say that it’s because “would of” and “would’ve” sound similar, but I think it’s because they’re not Ninjas.

So what is correct?  As alluded (ooh big word) to above, “would’ve” is how it’s spelled.  A contraction for “would have.”  As in “I would’ve known how to write ‘would’ve’ if I were a Ninja.”  Well, you don’t actually have to be a Ninja, you just have to listen to them.

Black Ninja Sees You

I am Black Ninja.


I’m here to help your writing become strong–Ninja strong!  You’ve got participles that like to dangle about?  I’ll help you whip them into shape!  Lazy adverbs lurking in your book?  I and my fellow Ninjas will flush them out!  The other Book Ninjas are working hard behind the scenes to make this site Ninja-worthy, so for now I’m the only Ninja you’ll see.

Or will you?

The world doesn’t need more grammar nazis, it needs Book Ninjas!